VX TECHNOLOGY CORP is the Renewable Energy Division of the Vonn Staxx family of companies. We invent, manufacture and distribute many patented energy products that are desperately needed around the world. Currently based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada our products are sold through the dealerships, retail stores and our worldwide licensed sales companies. Products are developed and tested at our Product Development Center in Canada, then mass produced by our contract manufacturers in Canada, USA, Mexico and China.

VX TECHNOLOGY Corp. is the company that invented the Smart Home Micro Power Stations back in 2005 that are fueled by solar panels and our windmill kits and can be controlled and monitored through the internet! The units provide the VX INTELLIGENT HOME with FREE ELECTRICITY, INTERNET, TV, HEAT, AIR CONDITIONING ,CELL PHONE ,HOME SECURITY, and online banking services to homeowners located anywhere in the world. Each Power Station provides the user, rich or poor, the opportunity to earn over $500.00 USD per month utilizing the extra electricity our home produce to power the home computer system that runs our crypto currency mining program ! This opportunity for some instantly allows them to escape poverty. This income alone offers the world’s poorest a chance to double their monthly income without having to do any work!!!!!! The biggest feature the VX home provides is the ability to work from home on the computer to earn an hourly wage, no matter where they are located around the world. Large companies from around the world hire contract employees to do simple tasks on the computer such as data entry, answering services and pay $15.00-$40.00 per hour.”

The VX Intelligent homes are more than just a beautiful home, they provide an incredible opportunity for people all over theworld. The VX home solves many problems that exist in today’s society, especially the energy problem that has plagued over ⅓ of the world’s population since electricity was invented almost 150 years ago. The next problem was the majority of this population is very poor and has no means of paying for the energy or ever escaping poverty. 

VX TECHNOLOGY CORP . invented a world changing product for the Semi-truck Industry. The Vx Semi-Truck power station takes the wasted wind energy from the motion of the truck and couples the solar power from the flexible solar panels mounted on the roof of the trailer. This stores the energy in the generator gives the driver all the electricity he needs so idling the truck is no longer required. Saving over $100.00 per day in fuel per truck while reducing the nation’s carbon footprint. Every semi-truck no matter where they are located around the world has the opportunity to transform the free energy our products produce into a huge daily income utilizing the Vx program!

While the governments in Canada and USA were busy trying to lure homeowners to install solar panels on their homes and sell the power to the grid, they neglected to tell them that if a power outage occurs, even though their solar panels are producing electricity, they do not have access to it. In 2010 Vonn Staxx invented the Vx 10kw Solar Controller and Switch which now allows the homeowner to be in control of their electricity and not the power company. Now at any time the homeowner can decide whether to continue to sell their solar power or flip a switch and direct the electricity to the Vx generator and power their home.

In 2015, Vonn Staxx invented the Vx Range Extender which is basically a multi-voltage gas powered battery used to power electric vehicles when their internal battery runs out of power. This “battery” only runs out of power when you run out of gas!

When 2016 arrived Vonn Staxx already created our next invention for the Semi-truck Industry. The Vx Bathroom System, a state of the art 3 piece bathroom system that offers the driver a clean private shower, toilet and sink as well as provides hot water, cab heat and an engine block heater system.

VX TECHNOLOGY  Corporation is committed to energizing the world one Intelligent Home at a time. Our goal is to make free energy accessible to anyone anywhere. Just as the information tech boom places all the world’s knowledge in the hands of every global citizen, we strive to bring free, independent, sustainable, renewable energy to every needy corner of the earth.

Our Intelligent homes  are not dependent on energy dynasties, fossil-fuel conglomerates or temperamental electrical grids. The VX INTELLIGENT HOMES  provide pure sine wave electricity with no spikes or surges making it 100% safe for sensitive electronics and medical equipment. They are  a sustainable energy source when local grids fail or are not available at all!