VX Bathroom System

Finally the answer to over a 100 year old problem in the long haul trucking industry! The Vx Bathroom System is a 34″x34″ shower stall that offers the driver a hot water shower, private toilet, sink, cab heat and engine block heater in a compact package. Once semi-trucks are outfitted with the Vx Semi-Truck Power Station it allows them to utilize our Vx Bathroom System.

In the early year of long haul trucking we did not have rest areas or truck stops, only fuel stations. These fuel stations became so busy with truckers looking to use the restroom they soon had to build larger facilities and eventually expanded into offering truckers showers. This is still a huge problem today. A trucker loses a lot of time and money, having to pull into a truck stop, park their truck then having to wait in line to use the bathroom or showers. It is such a problem that truckers are peeing in pop bottles and throwing them out their window (polluting our highways) instead of losing time having to pull into crowded truck stops or rest areas. However is they to go “number 2” then they have no other choice, they are forced to pull into a truck stop or rest area. Vx offers the solution!

While the truck is running the engine coolant is circulated through the water tank heating the water. When the truck is not running the 500 watt electric heating element keeps the water at your selected temperature, powered by the Vx Power Station. The digital temperature gauge always lets you know the water temperature before you get in the shower. The 25 gallon water tank continuously circulates and filters the hot water so you never run out of water. Shower is equipped with pedestal sink, RV toilet, LED lighting, adjustable handheld showerhead, LED lighted mirror and shower curtain. RV style 12 VDC water pump automatically keeps the water pressure at 35 psi. We have a 5 gallon septic tank or black water tank with built in 120 VAC grinder pump for easy cleaning!

By combining one substance (water) and one material (aluminum) that both store heat energy we are able to increase the efficiency of the electricity needed! Only a 500 watt heating element was needed to maintain a 90 degree water temperature. Having this heat energy stored we were able to accomplish 3 objectives with the same energy again maximizing the efficiency of the electricity used.

  1. We heat the water at the temperature the user selects for the purpose of showering.
  2. Because we have this hot water available we are able to use this stored heat to heat the cab. Aluminum hot air ducts are built in the water tank with 12 VDC fans forcing the air through the hot water tank circulating the hot air through the cab.
  3. While we use the semi-trucks coolant system to heat the water when the semi-truck is running, we can reverse the process in winter months and offer the semi truck an engine block heater system. We have aluminum piping coiled through our hot water tank when the semi-trucks engine is running the hot coolant passes through the aluminum coils heating the water. If the driver wants to utilizes our engine block heater system he would simply press the on/off switch and a low volume 12 VDC pump circulates the cold coolant through one end of the coil and by the time it exits the coil it is coming out hot where it then passes through the engine heating the engine.

Aside from heating the water for the purpose of showering, truckers have spent the last 100 years trying to heat their cabs and heat the engine electrically when the engine is not running. They would use a 500 watt engine block heater and a 1500 watt cab heaters to do the job. They would plug their vehicles into a home receptacle and use 3000 watts per hour every day. That triples their homes normal monthly electricity bill. Vonn Staxx was able to accomplish that and more only using 500 watts per hour and best of all our electricity was free!

Our Water Control Center is mounted underneath the bunk with all the valves facing the utility door so driver can access from outside the truck. This is where you are able to drain, flush and fill the water tank and black water tank. Clean hot water is also available for driver to wash his hands from outside the truck.

Shower is bolted to floor and screwed to the wall behind either driver or passenger seat.

This system is clearly the envy of every long haul trucker while saving the company all kinds of time, fuel and money!

While we are doing our part on reducing the nations carbon footprint, reducing the need to clean urine bombs on the sides of our highways, giving the drivers a comfortable safe homelike experience in the cab of their truck, keeping them clean and well rested ultimately keeping our highways safe.


✔️ Main water pump = 12 VDC 35-40 Psi pressure activated switch
✔️ Block heater pump = 12 VDC 5-10 Psi Low volume on/off switch activated
✔️ Sewage Grinder pump = 120 VAC on/off switch activated
✔️ Water Heater Element and Temp. Control = 120 VAC on/off switch activated
✔️ LED Shower light = 12 VDC on/off switch activated
✔️ Cab Heat Fans = 12 VDC hi/low/off switch activated