Vx Complete Self Sustainable Intelligent Home

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Just imagine never having to worry about or pay for electricity, heat, air conditioning, internet, tv, transportation or even a cell phone!

Our Intelligent Homes are designed for inexpensive living as retirement homes/cottages and are ideal for the poor and homeless families and veterans here in North America as well as around the world. We are able to PROVIDE anyone who is looking for inexpensive living a complete turnkey self-sufficient home. The home is fully furnished with all of the luxuries of the rich world (heat, air conditioning, electricity, internet, running water, septic, free TV, free cell SERVICE as well as transportation). The VX Intelligent Homes have zero carbon footprint and can be built anywhere in only 15 days!

The VX SMART HOME MICRO POWER STATION is the heart of our Intelligent Homes which uses solar as the free fuel source that provides the electricity to our Intelligent Homes! Not only are we able to supply the home, free electricity, free transportation and internet but we also provide an income source for the homeowner!

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Every home comes with a computer that has our crypto currency mining program that generates an income that requires no physical labor! We take the free electricity we provide and turn it into a revenue generating source!

The VX INTELLIGENT HOME not only gives the homeowner all the luxuries of the rich world in living conditions but also provides anyone around the world another major feature! That is called opportunity!

Most  people  currently only have 1 option for an income and that is from their manual labor!

The VX INTELLIGENT HOME provides many incomes and most importantly many opportunities to generate unlimited income. VX TECH opens up countries  to the rest of the world providing them with multiple incomes!

The VX INTELLIGENT HOME provide them with over $500.00 per month income  with our Bitcoin, Helium mining program that pays them every 3hrs!

Our Helium mining program provides them with a second monthly income of over $ 200.00 – $300.00 per month depending on location.

Once the VX TECH COIN is introduced VX will provide the 3rd mining income and  another $200.00 per month!

Now with our collaboration with upwork.com, every VX homeowner no matter where they live  has the OPPORTUNITY to use the free electricity ,internet connection and computer that VX supplies to work from the comforts of their new state of the art home to generate an hourly income. With simple typing skills, They can simply sit at their computer and do data entry and make $15.00- $40.00 per hr! If they rather talk on the phone they can use the free internet connection with unlimited data to offer phone support making $15.00 – $40.00 per hr. Everyone has different skills and the OPPORTUNITIES are endless for  people with VX TECH! VX is giving them the OPPORTUNITY for online banking which opens them up to the rest of the world for online shopping!

Our partnerships will not only give  people beautiful living conditions but instantly change the quality of their lives with unlimited income opportunities!

Interior Design

These homes are 24ft x 24ft (576sqft), with a standard 5ft x 7ft, 3-piece bathroom and can be 1, 2 or 3bedrooms that sleeps up to 12 people. They can be built anywhere around the world in only 15 days! 

They are engineered homes that will exceed any and all local building codes. VX supplies the engineered drawings so building permits are easily issued. Designed to handle extreme cold, wind, and snow loads and are overbuilt for many areas. They are very energy efficient using modern technologies! They are built on a concrete pad or a floating foundation that sits on concrete pier pads which does not damage the original site. The local building department will determine what foundation is required.

There is 5 kw of solar panels installed on the roof. The home is completely insulated which includes R40 in thefloor,R40 in the ceilingandR20 in the walls. The exterior is finished in vinyl wall board. The roof is finished in asphalt shingles or metal roofing. A5ft x7ft 3-piece bathroom with hot and cold running water, a toilet, sink and tub. All our faucets feature water pressure powered led lights. The kitchen includes a kitchen counter with shelves and sink. Two burner electric cooktop 4 in 1 oven with air fryer, convection oven, microwave and toaster oven  and an energy efficient fridge/freezer. The home is all prewired with LED lights in every room and outside. The floor is finished with click board flooring. Interior walls and ceiling are finished in paneling or drywall!

Exterior Design

Our 3 bedroom model features 3 ,8ft x 8ft bedrooms with 2 bunkbeds in each room that can sleep 4 people in each room. Prewired LED lights with electrical outlets and  egress windows in every room!


Free unlimited data internet, TV and cell service

  • The VX portable hotspot gives you free unlimited data internet with cell service. Take this hotspot with you anywhere and you have free cell phone service with an unlimited data package!
  • The VX portable hotspot gives you free unlimited data internet which provides free TV!

VXTC provides the home with all the essentials as well as free transportation

  • We take the free electricity we produce and use it to keep the VX electric scooters fully charged and ready to go at all times!
  • The VX electric scooters come with extra batteries and a charging station giving them double the range.

VX revenue generating crypto currency mining program:

  • VX takes the free electricity and internet connection we produce and turns it into a revenue generation system!
  • VX provides the power to the homes computer system that runs our crypto currency mining program .This program generates up to $200.00 mining helium per month as a free income source for the homeowner!

VX water pressure powered led faucets

  • VX has mini water pressure powered generators in our faucets that shine led lights on the water spray!
  • VX shower faucet with led lights, and computer screen. Soaker shower, messaging body sprays with hand held shower head.

VX thermal hot water system! Not only does VX use the sun to create the electricity for free, but we also use it as a free heat source for our thermal hot water system

  • VX pumps the water from a well that is usually around 50 degrees into the 55 gallon barrel that raises the temperature of the water to above air temp.
  • When the hot watertap is turned on in the building the water is pumped from the barrel through the coils on the roof raising the temp of the water. The thermal hot water system heats the water for a very comfortable shower for free!

Vx propane powered on demand hot water system

  • For cold climates this is an inexpensive way to run an instant hot water system
  • Simply runs off a 20lbs propane bbq tank!

✔️  Only uses 600 watts of electricity to cool

✔️  Only uses 845 watts of electricity for heat

Income Streams

VX TECHNOLOGY CORP also offers  each customer an opportunity to generate two very lucrative monthly income streams!

  1. They are able to transform the free energy our products produce into a  daily income that can earn each user upto $500.00 USD per month no matter where they are located and requires no physical labour!
  2. They also have the ability to become a VX Sales Company. Using their new fast internet connection and computer that VX provides, they can market the other VX PRODUCTS to retailers around the world from the comfort of their new Intelligent home which can generate another three unlimited income streams!

These income opportunities can instantly change the quality of people’s lives around the world!!! Completely revolutionizing their world while possibly doubling their lifespan!