VX Semi-Truck Power Station

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Our semi-truck power stations are wind and solar powered generator for semi-trucks that collects its energy from the trucks own motion and flexible solar panels mounted on the roof of the trailer, then stores the energy for use when the truck would normally sit idling.

We take the wasted wind energy from the trucks own motion, couple it to the solar power being produced from the flexible solar panels mounted on the roof of the trailer which gives the driver all the electricity he needs so idling the truck is no longer required when parked.

Our Power Stations provide all the electricity to power all the cabs electrical devices keeping the driver comfortable while saving over $100.00 per day per truck in fuel savings (no need to idle, no smoke, no smell, no noise, no vibration, no pollution, and best of all no daily cost for the electricity).

Our units also create a phenomenal cut in maintenance costs when considering 70% of a semi-trucks life is spent idling! The Vx Semi-Truck Power Station collects and stores the trucks wasted energy at zero cost! A massive reduction in the carbon footprint of every vehicle (no more idling).

Ordinary household electrical items can be used in the cab to keep the driver comfortable as well turns truck into a power station just in case you are broke down the driver has enough power to run air compressors, power tools, lighting, etc, anything he may need to repair the vehicle.

Semi-trucks are one of the largest diesel fuel consumers worldwide, if trucks were outfitted with the VX Power Stations our goal would be to cut the nations overall truck/fuel consumption by 30-40%.

Micro Power System

Micro Power System

Aside from all the benefits the Vx Power Station offers the driver by keeping him comfortable and safe, and the environmental benefits we accomplished by doing our part in reducing the nations carbon footprint. I want to give you a simple example of what we are able to accomplish in the trucking industry! The Vx Smart Semi-Truck Power Station provide trucking companies an additional income opportunity to earn over $1000.00 per month just from installing our products. This opportunity provides mobile satellite TV, phone and fast internet connection in the cab of their trucks. Our program transforms the free energy our product produces into a huge daily income for the company while saving them over $1000.00 per day per truck in fuel savings alone! The driver receives all the electricity he could ever use to power all the luxuries of home in the cab of his truck while our program provides all the technology he needs to keep him connected no matter where he is located. No more having to solely rely on spotty cell phone service!

Whether you are a small trucking company with 10 trucks or a larger company with 100 trucks, fuel is your largest expense! With the government implementing no idle zones all over North America, some trucking companies have tried purchasing APU generators (auxiliary power units) which cost between 8-12 thousand (depending on brand and model) to keep the driver comfortable when the trucks are not idling. An APU is a smaller diesel engine that powers a generator creating electricity. These smaller diesel engines still burn a substantial amount of fuel per hour, remit a ton of exhaust gases in the atmosphere, create a lot of noise, vibration, smell and require a lot of maintenance. The APU may have saved some trucking companies a little bit of money but nothing compared to what the Vx Power Station will save!

Every truck on the road is only allowed to drive for 10-12 hours per day by law which means that truck is idling for the next 12-14 hours keeping the drivers comfortable.

To idle the average truck for 12-14 hours, costs the trucking company over $100.00 per day per truck in fuel costs alone. So in our example of the small trucking company with 10 trucks, this company is paying $100.00 per day in fuel per truck. So in 1 month they are paying $3000.00 per truck just to keep the driver comfortable. So if they have all 10 trucks working that works out to $30,000.00 in fuel per month and $360,000.00 per year.

In our next example we compare the larger trucking company that has 100 trucks. If all 100 trucks are working, they are paying $10,000.00 per day for fuel $300,000.00 per month and 3.6 million per year just to keep the drivers comfortable and idle their trucks.

This is what is going on all over the world everyday for the last 100 plus years! They are spending this amount or more because they do not realize there is a solution.

These trucking companies can purchase or lease the Vx System for only $199.00 per month and never have to worry about idling their trucks or paying for fuel to idle their trucks ever again.

If they choose to lease the payment is a 100% tax write off which means the money they use to pay taxes can now be used to pay leases. The funds they used to pay taxes were being lost to every year, if they lease the product they get to keep those funds each year and turn those funds into an asset that saves the company huge money each month. Not only are we saving them huge money in fuel we are also giving them a means to use Tax dollars to pay for the leases.

The truck company currently spends $30,000.00 month and $360,000.00 per year of fuel just to idle. With the Vx system on each truck their lease payment is only $2,000.00 per month for all 10 trucks, and $24,000.00 per year saving them 28k per month and 336k per year. If you include the tax savings, the money they would have given away to pay tax was used to pay the lease and now did not cost the company anything!

Interior Design

Interior Design

There are only advantages to our system and no disadvantages:

  1. May get government cash incentives to install the VX system
  2. Frees up cash flow (money that was normally spent on fuel each month can now be used to run the company).
  3. There is no financing on fuel
  4. The money VX saves the company each month, lowers the operating costs which means they can reduce their shipping quotes and under bid other companies to get more loads
  5. If a truck is broken down, the driver has a complete onboard Power Station to keep comfortable or power lights, tools, compressor, etc. Anything he may need to repair the vehicle
  6. Can add the VX Bathroom System making the cab of their truck fuel more like a small apartment with all the comforts of home
  7. The pay back is instant, saving money the first day they install them
  8. Can now outfit cab with inexpensive household items like air conditioner, electric heater, fridge, TV, computer, toaster, coffee pot, lamps, microwave, etc.
    No smoke, no smell, no pollution, no noise, no vibrations, no maintenance and best of all no daily cost for the electricity.
  9. Every retail item in the world is delivered by truck. If we can save them huge money in fuel savings they can reduce their cost to deliver the items which in turn will lower the retail price of the items. Our product causes this chain reaction for the world to benefit!

The 100 trucks company currently spends 300k per month and 3.6 million per year to idle their trucks. With the Vx system on each truck their lease payment for all 100 trucks in only 20k per month and 240k per year saving this company 280k per month and 3.36 million per year. If we include the tax savings it didn’t cost the company anything!

These examples just show the money we saved them from not having to buy fuel to idle their trucks, we did not include the maintenance cost we save them from the truck not running every day for an extra 14 hours.
This gives you just a little glimpse of how much money the VX Power Station can save these 2 companies.

Just imagine what this product and opportunity is going to do for every semi-truck around the world! Vonn Staxx completely revolutionized the semi-truck industry while doing our part on reducing the Nations carbon footprint!

The Vx Power Station mounts under the bunk on the inside of the cab. With the interior electrical panel mounted below the bunk for easy access to the receptacles. An exterior electrical panel is mounted on the back of the cab for easy access to receptacles and connection of the solar/wind inputs and the 120 VAC input.

Vx truck

The Vx Power Station

-14kw of stored battery power

  • Sealed gel acid maintenance free batteries
  • Overload shut down
  • 6000w continuous (18kw surge)
  • Pure sinewave
  • 110/220 AC split phase
  • 50/60 HZ
  • Built in 2 way transfer switch
  • Built in solar and wind controller

Invertor Output3
Continuous Out power – 6000w
Surge rating – 18kw
Output wave – Pure Sinewave
Frequency – 50/60 HZ

DC Input
Nominal input voltage = 48VDC

AC Charger
Max Charge Rate = 40 amp

Solar Controller – 5000 watt
Voltage – 48 VDC
Rated Charge Current = 100-120 amp
Rated Output Current = 100-120 amp
Input Voltage Range = 60-160 VDC

Wind Controller = 1000 watt or dual 500 watt
Rated Voltage = 48 VDC
Rated Charge Current = 20-25 amp
Rated Output Current = 20-25 amp