Vx Smart Home Micro Power Stations

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Vonn Staxx invented and manufactures the “Vx Smart Home Micro Power Stations” that are fueled by solar panels and our small home windmills that can be controlled and monitored through the internet! These systems allow Vx to offer our INTELLIGENT HOMES in either the busiest cities or the most remote off grid villages around the world ! The VX SMART HOME MICRO POWER STATIONS provide the VX INTELLIGENT HOMES  WITH FREE clean stable electricity that offers free internet with unlimited data, free heat and air conditioning, free TV, free CELL service, home security, an income of over $200.00, free transportation  and online banking services ! All this no matter where you are located around the world!

Our systems are based on Edison’s approach to deliver electricity. To understand Edison’s approach, I need to take you back in time!

When Thomas Edison originally set up the first homes in New York City with electricity in the 1880’s using his DC technology, he set up each home and office with their own micro power plant. He knew the best and cheapest way to meet customer’s needs would be with small micro power stations in or near each home and office.

When Edison met with Nikola Tesla in 1884, Tesla was excited to introduce him to his new technology of AC power hoping for his support! The advantage of AC power is through high voltage; it could transmit power efficiently for hundreds of miles to thousands of customers from one massive power plant!

Edison hated the idea and thought the high voltage would make it too dangerous for the homeowners and the massive amounts of money it would take to build enormous power plants and grid systems would raise the cost of the electricity too much for the homeowners to afford. Edison was already highly successful with many micro power stations set up around New York City and felt his approach benefitted the customers more. It offered them cheaper electricity with an independent, inexpensive micro power station and simple home connection.

The businessmen behind Tesla believed Tesla’s approach of massive power plants as the hub and a spoke system as the distribution was the way for major corporations or governments to benefit and monopolize the energy business.

After years of battling between Edison’s DC technology and Tesla’s AC technology, Tesla’s approach succeeded, new laws were passed and the corporate monopoly began! By the turn of the century customers had no other option for electricity and had to pay the price!

VX TECHNOLOGY CORP had turned the table! THE VX smart home micro power stations  are fancy, Smart power plants for the home, office or business, based on the best of modern AC and DC technologies that can be controlled and monitored through the internet! These units provide all the homes utilities for free!!!!

The VX Smart Home Micro Power Stations also come with another smart technology!  In countries with an electric grid, these Smart Micro Power Stations automatically take the home off-grid power during Peak Power rates (Peak Power rates are from 7am-7pm during the day when power companies around the world charge their customers 3 times more per kilowatt then off peak 7pm-7am at night. That was the purpose for introducing the smart meter you may have heard of). This saves every homeowner around the world up to 75% on their monthly power bill.

These Power Stations give the homeowner 100% control over their electricity allowing them to decide whether to use grid power or not! Best of all there is no daily cost for the electricity they provide!

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Not only do our Micro Power Stations save every homeowner around the world up to 75% on their monthly power bill, but they also reduce the load on every country and cities grid system during peak hours. This would provide the power companies with the extra power they need in a power crunch, preventing power outages and black outs while giving them a means to read the meters through the internet.This eliminates a major expense they have of employing meter readers.

It is truly incredible what this product can do in countries or locations without an Electric Grid. They provide clean, stable electricity, internet, TV, home phone, home security and online banking services that are otherwise not available to them, plus the income they so desperately need!

Edison’s micro power stations were crude and only designed to run a few light bulbs. There was a monthly cost to the homeowner for the electricity it produced. It had a power plant that required fuel that remitted a lot of pollution and noise that required constant maintenance and repair while being 100% controlled by his Edison Electric Company!

The VX Smart Home Micro Power Stations are intelligent home generators designed to power all the home’s heavy loads. There is no monthly cost for the electricity it produces, no pollution, no noise, no smoke, no maintenance and is 100% controlled by the homeowner.

Vonn Staxx has perfected Edison’s approach to deliver electricity using modern technologies where every homeowner around the world benefits. Taking away the monopoly and control from the governments and power companies and placing it in the hands of the homeowner! The perfect solution for areas without a stable grid or no grid at all!

For a better part of a century, governments and power companies around the world have run the power business as a “Command and Control Monopoly!” Today they are “Commanding” people to conserve their electricity which means they are getting less of the good things that electricity brings like lights or air conditioning forcing people to endure some discomfort and sacrifice!

If people do not follow their “commands” then the power companies penalize them financially by charging them three times the normal rate per kilowatt they use!

The Vonn Staxx Smart Home Micro Power Station allows every homeowner around the world to become “Energy Efficient”. Energy Efficient in contrast means you are squeezing more of the good things that electricity makes possible without any discomfort or sacrifice.

Allowing the homeowners complete control over their own electricity and the ability to power their homes using today’s modern efficient appliances and light bulbs! Best of all there is no cost for the electricity you used at the end of the month!

Realizing a lot of the demand for our products comes from 1/3 of the world’s population who live in developing countries that has no means for paying for our products or ever escaping poverty. Vonn Staxx created an immediate solution that would provide them with modern energy and technology, while giving them an opportunity to earn upto $500.00 USD per month that requires no physical labour!

This “Opportunity of a Lifetime” finally gives them a chance to immediately escape poverty while providing the most remote villages around the world the chance to become a modern society with intelligent homes!

Just imagine what this opportunity can offer the rest of the world! People located anywhere in the world, rich or poor, can use the electricity to reduce or eliminate their monthly power bill, while using the Vx business opportunity to create an income or supplement their current incomes!